Low Disturbance Chrome Sweeps & Spikes

Quick-Change from Seedling to Banding

  • High Chrome for extended wear (minimum 6 - 7 times that of regular steel sweeps)
  • No more pounding off sweeps!
  • Fits any C-Shank with the new FARMLAND Converter, all FARMLAND seed boots and Concord/Amity Edge On Shanks.


  • More convenient than Quick-Change systems
  • Change from a spike application to a sweep in seconds
  • Worn and rusted bolts no longer an obstacle
  • Fits majority of shanks and cultivators
LD Spike 2
LD Spike 1


Seed directly into stubble with minimal soil disturbance using the 4 or 7 chrome alloy sweep.
7" Chrome Sweep
  • Adapts to all makes and models of tillage tools
  • Expect 4 - 5 times the wear of conventional sweep
  • Accurate, uniform seed placement
4" Chrome Sweep SB1

FARMLAND Converter System

Convert any C-Shank to accept FARMLAND's new Low Disturbance chrome Sweeps OR McKay Steel Sweeps
Faster than Knock-On
  • Quick-change feature
  • No need to remove seed boot